Myths You Should Never Believe About Sending Flowers For A Funeral

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Myths You Should Never Believe About Sending Flowers For A Funeral

22 January 2018
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Comforting your loved ones in their times of sorrow is one of the ways you can show your love and friendship in a way that is sure to be remembered and cherished. Sending flowers to a funeral is a time-honored tradition in many cultures and religions. It is a kind gesture to show your love for the deceased person and support for the bereaved. Unfortunately, many myths abound about floral arrangements at funerals. Be sure not to fall for these common myths.

Myth: People Shouldn't Send Roses or Vividly Colored Flowers to a Funeral

Truth Behind the Myth: Any flowers are appropriate for the funeral if they are tastefully arranged. In fact, brightly colored flowers can bring beauty and elegance to the funeral. They can remind people that the funeral is a celebration of the person's life. Beautiful flowers like roses can serve as a symbol for the vivid, colorful aspects of life even in the middle of grief.

Myth: You Cannot Send Flowers if Loved Ones Are Raising Money for Charity

Truth Behind the Myth: With the rise in popularity of internet fundraising sites, it's now more common for people to try to raise money for a funeral or a charity that was special to the deceased person. Some funeral announcements or obituaries may even include a statement that asks for donations.

While it's proper etiquette to respect the wishes of the deceased person's family, you can donate to the cause and still send a floral arrangement to the funeral. Just be sure to check that flowers are still welcome at the funeral if they bereaved family requested alternate gifts. It's also a good idea to include a personal note with the flowers that mentions your donation and why you still wanted to send the floral arrangement.

Myth: Sympathy Flowers Should Only Be Sent to the Funeral Home

Truth Behind the Myth: There is a difference between sympathy flowers and flowers for the funeral service. Sympathy flowers are best sent directly to your loved one who is grieving. You can send sympathy flowers before or after the funeral.

On the other hand, flowers for the funeral service are generally designed to be a tribute to the deceased person. However, these aren't hard rules. You can send sympathy flowers to the funeral, and it's especially encouraged if you don't know the bereaved person's address or other method of delivery.

Finally, keep in mind that this gift is a lovely way to honor the person who has passed away. At the same time, it can help the bereaved feel supported and respected. Take your time to choose a floral arrangement for a funeral, and you may provide a bright spot in a difficult day for your grieving loved ones. For more information, visit websites like