Use Floral Arrangements In Home Decorating To Chase Away The Winter Blues

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When we bought a house with a gorgeous flower garden, I was really excited to see how much of a difference it made. I wanted to create freshly cut flower arrangements every day in my house, and so I started cutting a few every day and seeing how things came together. It was really awesome to see how much lighter and brighter my home felt with a great flower arrangement, and within a few days I was hooked. Although I am far from a professional florist, it is so fun to make my home more welcoming and beautiful with a few blooms.


Use Floral Arrangements In Home Decorating To Chase Away The Winter Blues

9 January 2019
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If you find yourself feeling a little blue after the excitement of the holidays is over, you're not alone. The season of winter can be dreary, and you may find yourself longing for the cheery colors of spring. However, winter doesn't have to be a season to dread when beautiful flowers are as close as your nearest florist shop.

Schedule a regular flower delivery

The easiest way to enjoy fresh flowers all winter is to schedule a weekly or biweekly flower delivery. Ask your local florist to create a flower arrangement using a variety of seasonal foliage and flowers. Not only will you look forward to receiving a lovely arrangement delivered right to your door, but fresh flowers will also instantly brighten up any room of your home.

Make your own arrangement

If you are creative and enjoy do-it-yourself projects, you may prefer to make your own arrangements. Visit your local florist and select a variety of flowers and foliage to design your own creation. You don't have to be an expert—just choose what appeals to your senses.

Start by choosing a primary focal flower that is eye-catching in color, shape, and size. Choose a few secondary flowers to either contrast or harmonize with your focal flower. Add a few delicate flowers and a variety of green foliage to round out your arrangement.

You probably have plenty of containers around the house to use for your creation. Vases, mason jars, old crocks, tea kettles, etc., make great containers for flower arrangements. Place a square of floral foam in the bottom of wide-based containers to help stabilize the flower stems.

Select a place to display your arrangement

A great flower arrangement can become the focal point of any room if displayed in the right location. Imagine how cheerful a kitchen or dining room will look with an arrangement of bold sunflowers and daisies in the center of the table or placed on an accent chair in a corner. In the living room, a container of lilies, lilacs, and asters will look stunning on a coffee table, bookcase, or fireplace hearth.

A bud vase containing a few simple tulips is all that's needed to liven up a small bathroom when placed on a vanity. Flowers, especially roses, will add instant romance to any bedroom when placed on a nightstand or in a windowsill. Carnations with a few sprigs of lavender on a home office desk will provide a pleasing scent to inspire your work days.

Whether you order flowers already arranged or prefer to create your own, you will welcome their cheerful arrival in your home. Their bold colors and pleasing scents will chase away the winter blues and surround you with the feeling of spring on even the dreariest of winter days.

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