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Creating Gorgeous Flowers Every Day

When we bought a house with a gorgeous flower garden, I was really excited to see how much of a difference it made. I wanted to create freshly cut flower arrangements every day in my house, and so I started cutting a few every day and seeing how things came together. It was really awesome to see how much lighter and brighter my home felt with a great flower arrangement, and within a few days I was hooked. Although I am far from a professional florist, it is so fun to make my home more welcoming and beautiful with a few blooms.


Five Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Garden

29 November 2023
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Are you tired of looking out at your plain and dull garden? It's time to give it a makeover! Sprucing up your garden doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Here are five simple ways to spruce up your garden without breaking the bank. Declutter and Weed The first step is to declutter and weed out areas that have become overgrown. Start by removing the dead plants and broken items from your garden. Read More …

Bridal Trends: The Rising Popularity Of Flower Preservation Services

8 June 2023
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If you're like most brides-to-be, you already know that wedding bouquets are more than just a collection of beautiful blooms — they're a tangible symbol of the love, joy, and celebration that characterizes the love that the bride and groom share. It's natural to want to hold onto this symbol for as long as possible.  Brides of the past have had to be content with pressing whatever flowers they could save in a heavy book or preserving them in a homemade shadow box. Read More …

Bright And Merry: Make Floral Bouquets Part Of Your Holiday Decorating

11 November 2022
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If you are looking for a fun way to brighten up your holiday décor, colorful floral bouquets can make a big impact in any room of your home. Flowers are perfect for brightening up a holiday table for dinner parties and they are versatile and can be used as one arrangement or separated into multiple floral arrangements. They also make nice gifts if you enjoy giving your guests something special to take home. Read More …

A Guide To Creating Vibrant Bouquets For Your Loved Ones

11 November 2021
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Bouquets add a visual dimension that can brighten the day of anyone you choose to share them with. Often choosing a bouquet is a gesture that costs nothing. There are many reasons why these delightful gifts make people happy. Thus, you might be looking for vibrant bouquet ideas to create the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Fortunately, the following guide can help: Choosing the Perfect Vase or Container Selecting the proper container for your flowers is essential. Read More …

Choose A Sympathy Arrangement And A Card To Give To A Friend

24 May 2021
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If your childhood friend recently lost one of their family members, purchase them a sympathy floral arrangement and a card that are each representative of your support. If finding the right words to say is difficult or if you live far away from your friend, these two gifts will be appropriate for the situation. The Type Of Flower Any type of flower can be used to create a sympathy arrangement, but there are some varieties that have meanings behind them and that may be more appropriate for the occasion. Read More …