Learn How To Send A Floral Arrangement To A Funeral

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Learn How To Send A Floral Arrangement To A Funeral

16 January 2018
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When a loved one passes away, it is customary to have floral arrangements placed on and around their casket during the funeral. This is to show love to the person and their family during the hard time. If you plan to order a flower delivery for the funeral, use the following guide to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Keep the Arrangement Simple

There are some people who choose to get the biggest and the best arrangement that they possibly can because they look at it as a way to show the family how much they loved the person that passed away. It is important to realize that the family may not be able to get a huge arrangement for the funeral and seeing a large one that you had made could make them feel guilty or sad. It is best to choose an arrangement that is in the mid-range size when choosing a floral arrangement.

Know When the Funeral Will Take Place

It is important to make sure that you know what time the funeral is going to take place so that you can have the arrangement delivered a few hours before it is set to begin. This will provide the family with ample time to be able to arrange all of the flowers in a way that they like the best. If the arrangement arrives right before the funeral starts, it could cause anxiety for the family rather than thankfulness because they will have to rush to find a place for it.

Consider the Location of the Funeral

When you are choosing a florist to make the arrangement, you need to choose one that is located somewhat near the location where the funeral will take place. Many florists have a designated area that they will deliver flowers to and if the location of the funeral is not within that area, there is a chance that the florist could refuse to deliver the arrangement when it is done being made.

Be sure to choose an arrangement that features colors the person who passed away liked. The arrangement is to show support for the family and love for that person and choosing their favorite colors will remind the family that there are other people in the world who love and miss their loved one too. It can help them to feel a little peace during a very sad time in their lives.