Perfect Plants And Petite Gardens If You Live In An Apartment

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Perfect Plants And Petite Gardens If You Live In An Apartment

22 June 2018
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It may seem fruitless and impractical to attempt a large garden or elaborate planting beds in an apartment or small-sized home; the truth is, it is even more prudent. The less green space you have, the more important it is to cultivate indoor plants and reap the benefits of life-giving foliage and flora.

If you live in an apartment or smaller home, try these gardening ideas:

Hanging Terrariums

Even without outdoor space, your home is perfect for hanging terrariums. Fill a jar, aquarium, or a hanging glass sphere with soil and small plants, like succulents or cacti, to create a tiny ecosystem that waters itself with condensation.

Fairy Gardens

The smallest indoor and outdoor spaces are ideal to create fairy gardens. These typically feature non-living elements, like figurines, accents, and stones, and thrive with minimal maintenance. These can be tucked in a tree trunk, container, or window box.

Herb Boxes

Speaking of window boxes, fill one with herbs for a sunny window or porch. Enjoy snipping and using fresh herbs in your cooking while also filling your space with a delightful and aromatic fragrance. Herbs do best with well-draining soil and a lot of sunlight.

Vertical Vegetables

If you have a porch or patio, you have room for vertical gardens; vegetables, herbs, trailing plants, and flowers are good choices for vertical beds. These don't require typically-dug beds and holes, so this is a cleaner way to plant produce, too.

Container Crops

If you do have a little yard or green space, consider container crops. Grow yourself a pot of lettuce, greens, onions, or peppers, as they won't spread or require the depth of other vegetables. This is a great idea for dwarf fruit trees as well.

Topiary Trees

Another great indoor/outdoor option is a topiary tree. You trim your tree to curb its growth and to encourage it to grow in a particular shape and size.  This means that you can maintain a topiary anywhere, from your bedroom window to beside your front door.

If you decide to give your indoor plants a taste of sun by setting them outside, know that there are pests that can be transferred back into your home, posing problems for other indoor greenery. After bringing your plant inside, gently examine the leaves for bugs and wipe with a damp towel to remove any potential issues.

Just because you are short on space doesn't mean you should sacrifice the joy of gardening; try these ideas and suggestions for plants that thrive in apartments and small homes. Visit home and garden retailers to find what you need to bring some life to your dwelling this season!