How To Make The Most Of Your Flower Arrangement Delivery

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How To Make The Most Of Your Flower Arrangement Delivery

27 January 2020
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What do you do when a beautiful bouquet of flowers is delivered to your door? If you're like most people, you put the flowers in a vase and proudly display them on a table for a week or so until they perish. However, there are creative things you can do to enjoy your flowers and their beauty even more before they fade.

Split them up

If you want to enjoy your flowers all through the house, consider dividing the arrangement into single stems. See-through bottles with one flower stem placed inside are popular in interior design. Group the bottles together to create a dazzling floral display for a table centerpiece.

You can also group two or three stems together in a vase and display them in different areas of the home so you can enjoy your flowers no matter what room you're in. Rooms that often get overlooked when it comes to décor will get an instant boost from flowers. A few flowers in a small vase will freshen up your mud room, laundry room, or home gym.

Find a unique vase

You probably have items around your home that will make fun and unique vases for your flower bouquet. For instance, vinyl rain boots make a delightful vase for flowers. Place the boots on an entryway bench and you have a welcoming springtime look to welcome visitors.

A tea kettle makes a perfect container for flowers and will bring a country feel to any home. You can also create a fun floral display by placing trimmed single stems in teacups and the rest of the bouquet in a tea kettle or teapot. Display together on a tray and you will have a pretty arrangement that's sure to become the focal point of the room.

Get other items involved

Books make great companions to a bouquet of flowers. Stack two or three books on a coffee table and place a vase of flowers on top. Create a garden scene on an accent table or shelf with a vase of flowers, a garden hat, garden gloves, and a few seed packets.

Candles and lanterns also make great companions with flowers to create a cozy winter scene. Place a bowl of fresh fruit or vegetables next to a vase of flowers for a summery display.

There's nothing as uplifting as a cheerful flower bouquet delivered to your door. Getting creative with how you display your flowers will help you enhance their beauty and breathe new life into your home. Both you and your home will benefit from the natural beauty of flowers displayed well.

If you're interested in flower arrangement delivery, contact your local florist.