Choose A Sympathy Arrangement And A Card To Give To A Friend

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Choose A Sympathy Arrangement And A Card To Give To A Friend

24 May 2021
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If your childhood friend recently lost one of their family members, purchase them a sympathy floral arrangement and a card that are each representative of your support. If finding the right words to say is difficult or if you live far away from your friend, these two gifts will be appropriate for the situation.

The Type Of Flower

Any type of flower can be used to create a sympathy arrangement, but there are some varieties that have meanings behind them and that may be more appropriate for the occasion. For instance, some carnation and rose colors may be symbolic of love and adoration.

If the sympathy flowers are going to be displayed throughout a memorial service, consider the event's overall vibe. A program that is prepared for the upcoming celebration of the deceased person's life or a more formal tribute to the recently deceased may guide you toward choosing a modern or classic arrangement style.

The Size Of The Arrangement

If you will be having your floral arrangement delivered to a funeral home or a church, keep in mind that there will likely be many more flowers sent to the same location. Floral sprays are typically used to decorate a casket and a standing display may be used to accent parts of the room where a ceremony is being held.

Because your friend will ultimately need to decide where the flowers are brought after the ceremony has concluded, you may want to pick out a small arrangement that is displayed inside of a vase or a basket.

A small arrangement will be just as meaningful as a larger one, but you won't need to worry about your flowers overpowering the room where the service is being held. In addition, a smaller arrangement can be set on a table or a counter within your friend's home after the memorial has ended.

Card Considerations

Many florists sell sympathy cards that can be attached to a floral display. Sympathy cards often come with a pre-printed message. A message may consist of a few sentimental words, a bible verse, or an inspirational quote. If you would like to add your personal sentiments to the card, keep it brief.

Choose a card that contains colors that are represented in the floral arrangement. Some alternative card styles to a traditional one that contains an envelope are card markers and tags, which can each be secured within a floral arrangement.

Talk to a florist if you need sympathy floral arrangements.